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Excitment for Grows
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Excitment for Grows

While we can't yet disclose the associations and universites we are in discussions with, we can say that an overwhelming majority is in support of our project. Academia recognizes the added experience students will receive by interacting with and interning for practicing attorneys and firms, while associations sees the benefit in attorneys interacting with their peers and finding interns on a national scale.

One lawyer from a prominent firm noted that the struggle they had in hiring students fresh out of law school was their lack of real world experience. Internships provide that needed experience and we're proud to be offering a nationwide intern program as well as access to forums that allow students to review discussions between lawyers.

As we secure the endorsements from these associations and universities, our number will grow exponentially. However, we encourage all lawyers and students to join now to get a feel for the community and be a part of something unique in the legal profession. We also encourage everyone to tell their associates and fellow students about the site as the bigger becomes, the more benefit it is to all.

Posted by Steve Traversi
10:17 am April 17, 2008
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